Music Production

Zoppi Artist Development music production

Live Your Dream

Bobby Zoppi has produced many records including co-producing his major label recordings on MCA/Universal Records and Qwest/Warner Brothers Records as well as producing all demos for Warner/Chappel Publishing.

Zoppi Artist Development producing artist and singers full length CD's or a 4 - 5 song EP.

Now Is Your Time

Zoppi Artist Development can produce an artist/singer a full length CD or a 4/5 song EP from start to finish, including production, engineering, hiring of all musicians, pre-production development, mixing and mastering the final CD.

Record with singer, song writer, producer, and vocal coach Bobby Zoppi Jr.

Seize the Day

Artists and singers now have the opportunity to work with renowned singer, song writer, producer and vocal coach, Bobby Zoppi Jr.   Set an appointment to evaluate exactly what you are looking for in your music production and what it will take to get you there!