Bobby Zoppi

My Background

Bobby Zoppi photo shoot

I have worked with various artists and producers ranging from Quincy Jones, Mathew Wilder and Robbie Nevill to Guy O'seary and Alby Galuten.  In the past 2 decades I was signed to MCA Records, Qwest Records(Quincy Jones record label) and Warner/Chapell Publishing.  I put out 2 national CD's, produced several artists in studio and currently tour with Bobby Zoppi and The Corduroys. 

Sharing my Passion


When I was a little boy I'd sit and listen to my sister play guitar and sing.  She taught me from a very young age how to use vibrato and sing with heart.  As I got older, she would tell me that I needed to not only pursue a singing career myself but to teach voice lessons.  She felt in her heart that's what I needed to do and that I would touch the lives of kids and adults through music and voice like she did with me.  I started teaching in the midtown Sacramento area and never looked back. 

My Classes


I work with my students through voice lessons to enhance their ability while keeping the integrity of the student's own style and voice.  My goal is to build and coach great, confident singers and performers.  I have past and present students that have won numerous local and regional vocal competitions as wells as a finalist on American Idol.  I have also produced artists that have gone on to sign with major record labels.  Recent artists I have worked with include:  Tiffany Woys, Ashley Barron, Julia Nicole

Tiffany Woys

Former Sacramento student of eight years hit number 14 on Disney Radio!  

Elle Rahimi

Elle Rahimi at group lesson.   I worked with Elle in Sacramento from 8 years old to 17 years old.  She moved to Nashville and has become a great singer/songwriter.